Detox & Responses to Ozone Based Serums

It is extremely important to detoxify your face and stop using synthetics in your products. One of the most effective ways to fully pull all the toxins from your skin on your face is through Ozone. It will tighten skin, soften it, and balance out the skin tone. But first you may experience some transition as the ozone goes to work.

Detox and dermal responses when using topical ozone serums can be from anything. When using ozone serums on your face, it can take a month or so to transition and dry patches are normal as it’s attacking any built-up toxins deep within your skin tissue. This can be from any synthetic facial products and sun screens you’ve applied over the past 7 years or so.

If ozone is causing an actual dermal rash, that’s from having oil/soap residue on your face or from using other lotions or liquids on your face around the same time as the ozone oil. Sometimes people have responses from residual soap residue from cleanser (very common) or oil residue such as an oil based face cleanser or other lotions/products. Even applying an essential oil that contains carrier oils on your face will cause a dermal reaction if applied while the ozone oil is still active on your face. The ozone wants to detox anything it comes into contact with. It’s safe on your skin but only when used alone!

Check your sleeping area. Is your pillowcase clean? If it’s been over a week, wash it. Is your pillowcase made out of synthetic fibers? Many are! As simple solution when applying ozone serums on your face before bed is to wash, dry, and apply the ozone serum about 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Make sure your face is completely clean and fully dry before applying ozone serums. We recommend using a warm damp microfiber cloth to clear off any left over residue from soaps, cleansers, and conditioners. When you shower, make sure your hair conditioner is not left over on your face or neck. Conditioners act as a lotion and leaves a residue that will cause a reaction. 

Any left over water on your face may cause issues as well, so make sure your face and hairline are completely dry. If your hairline is wet, do not apply ozone near the hairline. 

Finally, highly stressed people may have rash like responses to topical ozone due to the over abundance of stress hormones in their bodies. People on many medications may also have reactions to topical ozone as the ozone is fighting the synthetics in your body.

Ozone is powerful and when used correctly can have seriously incredible results!