What does O3 stand for?
O3 is the molecular structure for ozone. Oxygen with 3 molecules.

Which should I choose, the jar or the pump?
The jar is perfect for cooler temperatures. If your home is usually below 69 degrees, then go for the jar. If it tends to be warmer, in the 70s, then go for the pump. The serum becomes a liquid above 70.

How big is the jar or pump?
1 ounce (30 ml)

How long will one jar last? 
Most use O3 Serum as a night serum but some use it in the morning too. If you use it twice daily (a very small amount) it can last you 1-2 months depending on how much you scoop out. If you use it only as a night serum it can last 2-3 months again depending on how much you use.

When I got my jar, it was melted! What do I do? 
That is totally fine. Simply pop the jar into the fridge and it will set again. At temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit the serum becomes a liquid.

I have a pump and it is not coming out. What do I do? 
The serum is solid at temperatures below 68 degrees. You may warm up the bottle by putting it in your pocket or under your arm to warm it up a bit.

Do I use other facial moisturizer with O3 Serum?
Nope! O3 Serum replaces toner, facial smoothing serum, eye serum, moisturizer, night cream, pore cleanser, and ointment. 

I have heard there may be transition or detox. What does that look like? 
Anytime you change your skincare routine, you may experience transition. Typical transition is slightly oily skin, dry patches, and even some small break outs. What is NOT transition or detox is rash or itchy red skin. If you experience itchy red or rash-like skin, it is because the ozone is attacking something you have on your skin. Usual issues are residual soap, conditioner, or cleansers. It may also be from applying O3 Serum to wet skin or applying a liquid to the skin directly after applying O3 Serum. Please read all instructions and also the article on Detox. 

What are the ingredients of O3 Serum? 
Fully ozonated (O3 activated oxygen) organic Jojoba seed oil with pure unaltered Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Rose Otto (Rosa damascena), Frankincense (Boswellia sacra), and Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum).

Where do you get the essential oils for the O3 Serum? 
We source our essential oils from the best most authentic distilleries in the world.  We make sure that each batch is pure and only the best essential oils are used in our serum. Rest assured that you are getting only pure, unfractionated, unrectified essential oils in your O3 Serum.

I ordered a Char Bar in the past and love using it with the O3 Serum. How can I get another soap bar? 
At this time we are unable to ship Char Bars during the spring and summer months as they will melt in shipping. They will be available in mid November.